Lucia Komiňáková

HR and Happiness Manager in 3 companies: Digmia, Citadelo and Essential Data

She worked mainly in IT Recruiting and Executive Search fields. More than 7 years of active approach during job interviews, evaluating candidates through their experience, IT skills, inner motivation Lucia realize what are the most important factors for people to be really happy in their work environment.

After this experience, she moved to work as an in-house HR Manager for IT companies. One of her key roles there is to take care of employees by treating them as the most creative company assets. Lucia realized that the key resources of happiness in companies in general are: possibility to be authentic, being treated as a fully-fledged human being and not just as another co-worker and being able to create strong human relations. In other words, it’s better to be yourself and live as a better version of yourself in a social context. Lucia pays special attention to participation in creating a happy company culture, where the key values are trust, humanity and decency.