Karin Miškovská – Nemčeková

Customer Experience Manager

Karin Nemcekova studied banking at the University of Economy. Since then she has devoted 15 years of her professional life discovering the exciting world of banking, and at the heart of that was the welfare of the Customer. Every step she took was passionately motivated to enhance the experiences of diverse customer segments. For several years she headed Customer Service Unit at ING Bank for multinational corporates. She was part of the team who first ran Private Banking in Slovakia. Following that she moved to a completely different dimension, selling derivatives to Customers on Financial Markets. From naturally positive customer experiences of corporates, she navigated her career to a different avenue of retail banking, joining projects to improve overall customer experiences, especially through digital environment.

Her professional background and passion for customers led her to the consultancy business. Karin is assisting companies to customer experience transformation. From an outside in perspectives she is redesigning experience in all touchpoints in the offline and digital world, based on human centered design.