Our speakers

Peter Gerritsen

Owner/Consultant at Pepper Group

Štefan Porubčan

Volunteer country coordinator for Waze Slovakia

Patrik Šolc

Division manager at IMI Critical Engineering and Chairman at itSMF Czech Republic

Andrej Šimkovič

Head of Automation and Technology at Slovenská sporiteľňa

Rob Akershoek

Chair IT4IT Forum from The Open Group

Tomáš Ondovčík

Solution Architect at Cisco Systems

    Martin Maštalír

    Area manager at Cisco Systems

    Radovan Slíž

    Information Technology Manager in OMS IoT Systems

    Martin Krupa

    Co-founder at ui42

    Miroslav Hlohovský

    Executive Partner and Head of Consulting at OMNICOM

    Lucia Komiňáková

    HR and Happiness Manager in 3 companies: Digmia, Citadelo and Essential Data

    Maroš Kortiš

    Head of Marketing at Mangools

    Dmitry Baryshnikov

    Experienced IT Service Management consultant

    Ľubomír Drobný

    Head of Engineering at Slido

    Karin Miškovská – Nemčeková

    Customer Experience Manager at KPMG