Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s transformation!? The latest Industry hyped heroic solution to all of our problems. But…? Transform what? Transform who?...We are installing the latest best practice and ITSM tools. Isn’t that transformation? We are digitizing most current business activities. Isn’t that transformation? We are updating our website to make our services more accessible, isn’t that Transformation? Didn’t we just do our Transformation last year? Digital Transformation? Doesn’t digital mean ‘IT’?....then it’s an IT problem!

Interesting technical trends Trends and challenges in IT and the business you need to address for the future Importance (or non importance) of models and framework for value realisation The importance of trend monitoring and forward-looking work A success story

„Food for Thought“ and hands on experience from transformation IT and leading people.

StoraEnso 10B Euro company with more than 700 years history is running intensive transformation from traditional paper producer into leader of renewable material producer with high focus on sustainable strategy.Currently StoraEnso most of the profit is coming from products which has not been existing 10 years ago. As one of the Nordic Digitization leader in it's industry StoraEnso IT is under high pressure of new demands, continuous improvement, pressure on stability of IT Services. Under these conditions StoraEnso IT has decided to implement Service Management Office to adopt SIAM model and standardize ITSM processes for more than 140 IT Services. During the presentation I will inform you about our SMO journey, challenges we are facing on the road but as well on success stories during the journey.

Trenkwalder Shared Service IT: Transforming many international local IT teams into a global IT organization requires not only new structures and organizational change management, but also comprehensive IT service management that can meet the challenge of flexibility and speed.

The look inside of just released ITIL® version 4. ITIL4 expands on previous versions by providing a practical and flexible basis to support organizations on their digital journey. (SK presentation)

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Paul Wilkinson - MarsLander ITIL4 (EN)

ITIL4 has been launched. ITIL4 is taking us in a new direction. Many organizations have a legacy ITIL capability. New business demands and drivers have forced the adoption of Agile and DevOps practices. Legacy ITIL is seen as too much control and slowing down flow. The industry demanded a more Agile form of ITIL, an ITIL that raises ITSM to a strategic capability. But how do you make that shift in mindset and behavior? In this simulation you will explore some of the new ITIL4 concepts and will have a chance to apply them in practice. In our Apollo 13 simulation we used ITIL to take us to the moon. The MarsLander simulation will use ITIL4 to get us Mars. Changing services in real time to meet increasing customer demands for value. Developing new applications features, new service offerings, co-creating with the users, customers, suppliers in an end-to-end value stream. Will you be able to change your mindset and legacy behaviors to the new way of working in the Agile, value focused future of ITSM?

Many of the challenges we encounter in the modern complex workplace seem difficult, if not impossible to solve. Sometimes, we have different teams proposing different conflicting solutions, many of which are very expensive or completely unproven, and sometimes we don't even know where to start. In this workshop, we will be using a powerful sense-making method that helps us to approach our difficult problems in a more effective way, better understand their context, and become much more efficient in finding and assessing potential solutions.

Illustration of DevOps simulation that: - helps to realize an end-to-end product delivery. - support mindset setup of collaboration between development and operation with understanding business requirements - learn to expand the boundaries of individual roles, acquire T-shaped skills and expand the Scrum-team circle to include Operations - explain how to optimize the workflow and were are the bottlenecks

Thanks to ALVAO we now have a unified and clear system for all departments.