WHEN 8th - 9th February 2017
WHERE Bratislava, Slovakia

ITSM never dies

11th annual itSMF Slovensko conference

ITSM is not enough, Impossible IT projects, How to persuade Dr.No, For your eyes only – confidential practice, Tomorrow never dies – future of ITSM, Quantum of best practice, Skyfall to IT, BYOT (Bring Your Own Topic).


Feedback from IT manager

I would like to thank the organising team for another excellent ItSMF conference in 2016. Amazing Slovak and foreign speakers. Personally, I don't remember so well spent time as attending your conference. it was organised on high and professional level.

Feedback from speaker

Mostly though it was the delegates made the event work – they laughed at the jokes, applauded the content, questioned, commented and developed the ideas put forward. The original spirit of itSMF is alive and well in Bratislava.Thanks again to Tomas Hettych and his itSMF Slovakia team.

Feedback from participants

Outstanding conference, I was very satisfied. Looking forward to attending the workshops. I really appreciated presentations of foreign speakers.It has been a wonderful networking opportunity.The conference has an increasing indent year by year.

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